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We find and taste the best single malt whiskies from distilleries from Islay to Osaka.

We create collections from our whisky library, serving double-drams in 60ml bottles.

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Speyside Scotland

Distilleries draw water from the River Spey, lending a name to the whiskies of this region. Although small geographically, it is Scotland’s largest whisky distilling area, with 84 working whisky distilleries, generating a wide range of different flavours.

Islay and the islands Scotland

There are eight distilleries on Islay, famed for their peaty single malts. Situated on the exposed western coast of Scotland, Islay benefits from the salty sea breezes that envelope the maturing casks. Distillers use peat to dry the malt, lending the Islay scotches their trademark smoky flavour.

Lowlands Scotland

The Lowlands single malts have a lightness of flavor. There are only two active distilleries here: Auchentoshan and Glenkinchie. Auchentoshan triple-distills its spirits, ensuring a subtle, but more complex whisky. Situated just outside of Edinburgh, Glenkinchie traces its origins to the 1830s.

Highlands Scotland

The Highlands is the largest whisky producing region by acreage, and produces strong malts with peaty and smoky notes. The region is vast, leading to a range of different flavors, beginning with spicy Northern Highland malts to the fruitier flavors from Southern Highland.

Campbeltown Scotland

A once prolific historic region with up to 32 distilleries, Campbeltown now houses only three: Springbank, Glen Scotia, and Glengyle. Springbank, started in the 1820s, is owned and managed by the fifth generation of Mitchell family, Hedley Wright. Springbank is famed for using only its own malt.


Japanese distillers began making whisky in the 19th century but the first commercial distillery, Yamazaki, didn’t open until 1924. Japanese whiskies have built a formidable reputation for quality single malts, with Yamazaki Sherry cask being chosen as Jim Murray’s best single malt of 2015.


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